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In the Community

Each member of the 360 Global Sciences, Inc. management team is committed to volunteering their time, talent, experience and expertise to community projects. It is our belief that volunteerism is not just a corporate responsibility, but something that promotes community wellness and is every bit as important as monetary support.

These are just a few of the organizations and causes our board members have contributed to:

  • Basic High School – Henderson, NV
  • Bonanza High School – Las Vegas, NV
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • HomeAid Southern Nevada
  • Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  • Operation Finally Home
  • Project 150 – Las Vegas, NV

In addition to working for veterans, schools, and libraries across the community, 360 Global Sciences, Inc. participates in local town halls, forums, community meetings, and other community-based public education programs and events.

Here are some of the initiatives 360 Global Sciences, Inc. is spearheading to educate the public and contribute to the community:

Holding educational health seminars to better inform patients, prospective patients and the general public about the potential benefits of cannabis, as well various use options and new products.

Sponsoring and co-sponsoring appropriate community and charitable events, especially events tied to health related issues and projects.

Supporting organizations and civic groups dedicated to youth drug awareness and avoidance, as well as addiction treatment and substance abuse support programs.

Advising our patients, at the time of each purchase, of pertinent information regarding the medical cannabis they are purchasing. Additionally, 360 Global Sciences, Inc. will dedicate significant resources to public education campaigns focused on building fact-based awareness of medical marijuana and lessening the stigma medical marijuana patients often suffer from.

Ensuring the community's voice is heard, so we may address any thoughts and concerns as to how medical marijuana and the medical marijuana industry as a whole can best serve patients' needs.